Was a healer – got hit by lightning and now things are different…. has been considered a bit of a bright spark… (shocking, eh)….


A member of a close family of 7 (well, they were not really related, just close friends for so many years and who spent way too much time and too many late nights together that many saw them as family), Doc left school with grand plans of pursuing a medical career. Whilst working as a healer of sorts, Doc even met Bashful, a member of his family, over some sordid affair that involved a giant rat, a spatula and, to be honest, little bits and the insides of rodent bodies. In fact, this is how his “bro” became known as “Bashful” – well “Rat Killer” or “Rat Eviscerater” was just too tacky….

However, the Gods had decried that a healer was not for Doc as science and the realm of (electricity) power and mystery drew him away from his healing arts. Sticking with it for too long, perhaps, the Gods finally decided to tell him bluntly to leave the realm of healing and focus his energies (literally) in another realm of “science”. Following a well laid out, algorithmic approach, the Gods of the Uni(verse) developed their plans to make Doc leave “healing” and enter the world of mystery, power and business.

Whilst wandering out in the wilderness, contemplating whether “this healing stuff” was worth continuing with or not, and dreaming of another life, the Gods struck. In a flash a bolt of lightning blasts down from the skies above and transfixes Doc. The current runs throughout his body like a living thing for several seconds before throwing him a full 50 feet through the air to land singed, but still whole, under the shelter of a nearby fir tree. It is there that the other dwarves finally find him the next morning after having searched through the night when he did not return to the keep. Doc does not remember much of what happened or why his body seems to virtually crackle with electrical power.

Perhaps it was some property of the rock or maybe intervention from his God, Kord, but instead of killing Doc the blast has stripped him of his healing powers and transformed him into a sorcerer capable of casting mighty bolts of lightning and thunder at his foes – it is almost like the very power of the storm has been drawn into his body. Many consider this better than the Power (or was it just the rumbling noise) of the Storms or Thunder, that used to emanate from Doc in his more youthful days.


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