Ordinator Arcanis

Magistrate for the Mages of Saruun


The Ordinator serves as magistrate for the Seven Pillared Hall and visible representative of the Mages of Saruun. He, or perhaps she, never reveals his true identitiy and nobody knows if it is a single person or a group who under the duty. The Ordinator judges guilt or innoence in grievances, acts as arbitrator of disputes and, when warrented, executioner of the unjust.

The Ordinator appears out of thin air, wearing black robes and a golden mask bearing a stylized human face, to resolve disputes swiftly, and often fatally. With no formal government or prison facilities, the mages have neither time nor patience for troublemakers, and no qualms about killing such offenders on the spot. As befits a diplomatic order seeking to improve its relationships with Underdark allies, the mages do not make arbitrary rulings. With access to powerful scrying rituals and items, the Ordinator Arcanis quickly discerns the truth of the offenses on which he, or she, passes judgment.

Ordinator Arcanis

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