Sneezy is small and not very strong for a dwarf but makes up for it with wit and intelligence.

He has quite a large sneeze, hence his nickname and loves a laugh.

He is very curious about magic and loves stories and legends.

He is a loyal friend and dislikes bullying.


Sneezy was always a little different to the other dwarves in his tribe.

Not as strong as the other dwarves he was teased from an early age. He would hide in books and read until he would fall asleep. He read about magic and great tales of adventure from the past which intrigued him and set him on a path of discovery.

After studying more books on magic he discovered he could manipulate magical energies himself. First he mastered simple flame, creating flickering light or enough to frighten bullies to leave him alone.

He became close friends with Happy, Bashful & Doc and when they encountered Snow he was only too pleased to leave home and set out to help Snow and discover more of the outside world and perhaps find some more magical treasure on the way.

Sneezy has a strong dislike for bullies and is protective of the weak and defenseless.

He has a love of magic and discovering new incantations and exploring magical items. He is intrigued by ancient stories and legends and can be too curious for his own good.

Magic wish list
Robes of some kind to replace current Cloth Armor +2
Looking for at least +2 AC
Robe of Defying Flames Lvl 13, AC +3, Resist 10 Fire, Daily heal when hit by fire damage, 17K
Robe of Eyes, Lvl 12, AC +3, Cannot be blinded, same bonus to Perception checks
Robe of Scintillation, Lvl 12, AC +3, Robe provides light as torch, dismissable, Daily Close Burst 2 INT vs WILL Daze attack on enemies


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