Brugg An Ogre who leads the enforcers for the Customs House in the Seven Pillared Hall

Captain Jean Diece Captain in the Queen’s Guard

Charrak A kobold beggar in the Seven Pillared Hall

King Cheval The prior King of Nerath. Died around six months ago

Lord Padraig Leader of Winterhaven

Queen Anna Phalaxis The current Queen of Nerath

Queen Candidiasis The prior Queen of Nerath. Died just over ten years ago

Ordinator Arcanis Judge, jury and executioner for the Seven Pillared Hall

Orontor A Mage of Saruun based in the Seven Pillar Hall

Paldemar A Missing Mage of Saruun

Phaledra A priestess of Erathis in the Seven Pillared Hall

Princess Neige Daughter of Cheval and Candidiasis. Kidnapped by the Iron Circle

Rendil Halfmoon A halfling who works at the Seven Pillared Hall’s only boarding house

Valthrun the Prescient A Sage based at Winterhaven

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