Crafting Creation

Item Enchantment (Creation)

Magic enchantments may be added to mundane items using the ‘Enchant Magic Item’ Ritual. The amount of residuum required is equal to the magic item’s standard cost (as listed in the compendium or the builder’s marketplace) less a 30% GM discount.

e.g. a level 8 set of +2 Sylvan Armour has a standard price of 3,400 gold so it requires 2,380 ‘grains’ of residuum.

Note that purchasing such an item from a vendor would cost 10-25% more than the ‘standard price’ depending on market factors.

To perform the ritual a mundane item of the type to be enchanted must be obtained and then the ritual performed to enchant that item. Only one magical enchantment may be applied to an item, although other factors (such as masterwork armour, superior workmanship blades etc) based on materials can also exist, however these must be part of the base item’s construction prior to it being enchanted.

Enchant Magic Item for ‘Creation’ has no additional cost apart from the residuum

House Rule
Normally only Common magic items may be created in this manner, however the GM is allowing creation of Uncommon and Rare Items with the proviso that all such items must:

a) exist in the compendium and be easily understood and implemented

b) be approved in advance

Anything game breaking or otherwise unbalancing can be vetoed.


Crafting Creation

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