Crafting House

Party Guidelines

Generally any item of party loot which is not going to be used or sold will be converted to Residuum and an equal amount allocated to each party member for possible future crafting. This will be adjusted if a member has taken an item as loot in place of choosing residuum.

Residuum can be sold between players via personal arrangements. Residuum has a 1:1 value with gold and trading above this value is discouraged.

Players may also voluntarily choose to have some of their own personal items converted should they wish in which case that amount of Residuum will be added to their personal total.

Anyone who wishes an item to be crafted must pay the crafter (Snow or Sneezy) for the cost of any additional materials used by the rituals plus provide the base item to be enchanted.

Residuum is tracked via the same spreadsheet as party loot and the current totals entered into the item log. Any member who requests crafting or who purchases or trades residuum must inform the loot master so that the spreadsheet can be adjusted.

Crafting House

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