Crafting Transfer

Transfer Enchantment

Enchantments may be transferred from one item to another using the ‘Transfer Enchantment’ Ritual. This will shift an enchantment from one item to another – the source item loses its enchantment and becomes mundane while any enchantments currently on the target item are lost and replaced by the transferred power.

For example, you could transfer the Barkskin effect from a set of +1 Barkskin Hide (level 5) to a set of +1 Curseforged Scale (level 3) but in doing so the Hide armour becomes mundane and the scale armour loses its curseforged effect.

The target for the transfer cannot already have an enchantment which is of higher level than the one being shifted (so the above example could not be done in reverse). The two items involved must occupy the same slot (head, waist, body etc), be the same type (rod, weapon etc) and the effect must be valid for the target item (e.g. a ranged effect such as ‘point blank’ cannot be transferred to a melee weapon). No residuum is required for this ritual as it is being moved from one item to another.

Transfer Enchantment costs 25 g for components per ritual

Crafting Transfer

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